Herman Miller Devon Clone Workstation
Herman Miller Workstations

Herman Miller Clone “Devon” Work Stations


Many Different Combinations Available


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Product Description

Herman Miller Clone “Devon” Work Stations $275

As of 12-22-2014, we have over 50 of these Workstations in stock.

These Workstations are part of the Herman Miller Clone “Devon” Systems.

These Workstations have a Work Surface that is 60 inches wide x 24 inches deep with a Maple Top. They also include a set of Drawers with 2 Storage/Supplies Drawers & 1 File Drawer (Known as a Box/Box/File Pedestal) Also included are the Panel Walls and they are 39” high.

These Workstations are priced as follows:
As a Double Sided Set – $275 per Station
As part of a Run with a Single Spine – $340 per Station
As Singles – $495 per Station

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